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See through the eyes of dragons in this thrilling epic fantasy adventure from the other side of the lens.

Enter the mind of a villain bent on the destruction of the human race. 

In the days before the Long Sleep, Sura, an ancient agate dragon, counsels war against Humankind as a matter of draconic survival.

But Graayyya, a garnet wyrm raised by metallics, thwarts him at every turn.

When the human kings demand too much of the dragons, Sura finds an unexpected ally that brings him one step closer to victory.

But with the Council of Elders against him, time is running out. Where will he find the support he needs to take control of the council and bring war to Humankind?


If you love thrilling, compelling stories about dragons as deep and complex as any human, this is the series you've been looking for. Download Betrayal today!